The Marching Bulls dominating the competition


Diana Colon

The band performing as the football team enter the stadium.

The competition season for the Wiregrass Marching Bulls has been nothing if not successful so far. The band won first place at their last two competitions at Tarpon High School and Newsome High School.

Despite their first place wins, the band wants to keep improving, and tweaking until the show is at its fullest potential. When asked if any improvements are still needed for the show, band director Garret Clifford had some notes.

We need to continue cleaning,”Clifford explained. “This applies to our drill (the shapes we make), the timing of our feet with the drum majors hands, and making sure our music locks in. As long as we continue to push forward as a band and get better everyday, we will be right where we need to be.” 

The Bulls are working hard to prepare for their future performances at MPA and their final FMBC championship on Nov. 21. One of the ways they prepare is to come together as a band and listen to judge tapes from past performances.

Despite the very unique start to their season, the Marching Bulls have worked hard all season for this moment. (Janine Ali)

Gracie Mcnease, the color guard director, has also been working to making sure the color guard matches their colorful Prism show.

We’ve been adding props and choreography not only for the color guard but also for the band as well,” Mcnease said. “We always want to put our best performance out there.” 

The seniors in the band this season want to make sure that their sections can be their best, and agree with Clifford that what the show needs now is tweaking.

“Its just cleaning up at this point- a lot less learning, a lot more cleaning,” senior William Lehmann explained.

Regardless of winning, the main goal of the band is to leave their best on the field and grow as a unit.

“It is simply about whether we go out and perform the best we can,” Clifford explained. “We would love to see our band place high, but the students going out and getting better at every performance is what it is about.”

As they approach their last two competitions, Clifford and the Marching Bulls are focused and ready to put on an inspirational show, while still having a fun time doing it.