Behind the scenes: ‘Clue’


Megan Kelly

Actors rehearsing their lines and blocking for the play on October 8 and 9.

Wiregrass Ranch Troup 7142 is hosting a production of “Clue”, which is said to have the audience dying of laughter. The shows will be on Oct. 8 at 7pm and Oct. 9 at 3pm at the Wesley Chapel Center of the Arts.

With a large production crew, there are students of all grade levels and staff working hard to ensure the success of this show. Thespian members were divided into cast members and crew members to tackle this production. Behind the scenes jobs include: stage managers, set design, costume crew, lights and sound, and many more key roles.

The play, based on the board game and movie, is familiar to many. Actor, Katelynn Paciorek, felt the nostalgia while playing her role in the production.

“Being a huge fan of ‘Clue’, the ability to play Mrs. Peacock has been such a surreal and amazing experience,” Paciorek said. “Its allowed me to play a character I’ve loved since I was a child and make amazing friendships along the way.”

Set builders working on making the sets and props for the play (Megan Kelly)

When performing in front of a lot of people it is easy to get nervous or anxious, which is why it’s important for actors to be able to keep themselves calm during the show. Connor Champlin, who plays Professor Plum, talks about how he overcomes his nerves while on stage.

“The one thing that I usually do specifically is focusing on the lights instead of the audience,” Champlin said. “It makes the room dark and seems like another rehearsal.” 

Due to COVID-19, the staff had to find new ways to put on the production while maintaining the safety of their actors and crew. Instead of personal mics for each actor, the stage will have mics hanging from the ceiling and on the floor to pick up the dialogue. Many members of the crew also plan to wear masks due to the close proximity while on stage.

“Putting a performance together during a pandemic is difficult,” stage manager Emma Oros explained. “There are more rules and regulations we must follow in order to keep our cast and crew safe and healthy.”

After weeks of hard work, the play is ready for audiences to enjoy this weekend. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door for $5 for students and $8 for adults.