Wiregrass homecoming spirit week: 2021 edition


King Gonzalez Jr

Newspaper students Daneila Pena, Isabella Rey, and Nicole Pi pose in their hippie day attire.

Every year, Wiregrass hosts a homecoming spirit week to promote school spirit throughout the campus leading up to the homecoming football game Friday night. This year, student council chose five dress up days that included: Hippie Day, Celebrity Day, Country vs. Country Club, Class Color Day, and Maroon Out.

Monday, the first day of spirit week, was Hippie Day. Students wore outfits that consisted of flowers, sandals, peace symbols, and other items representative of the 60s. Hippie Day was senior Adriana Padilla’s favorite theme.

“I liked it because it was interesting to see different perspectives as to what the 60s were like,” Padilla explained. “Some people went with the tie dye vibe while others went with a hippie boho style.”

Sophomores dressed to impress on Celebrity Day. (Keira Tiwari)

Tuesday was Country vs. Country Club. While some students dressed in cowboy boots and flannels, others wore golf and tennis attire.

Celebrity day was Wednesday and seemed to be the most popular theme. Students were able to dress up as their favorite celebrity or movie star.

“My favorite theme was definitely celebrity,” junior Mia Larocca said. “I got to go all out with my costume, which was Pitbull.”

Thursday was Class Color Day. Students wore colors based on their corresponding grade level. Seniors wore pink, Juniors wore blue, Sophomores wore purple, and Freshmen wore white. Senior Linus O’Palick enjoyed participating in the  homecoming week festivities this year.

“I like homecoming week because it’s just a lot of fun to dress up,” O’Palick explained. “It makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for the dress-up days and makes me feel super spirited.”

Mrs. Swain’s newspaper class and Coach Rogers pose for a photo during Maroon Out day. (Deshawn Mann)

Friday was a Maroon Out, flooding Wiregrass with a sea of Maroon. English teacher Ashley Swain says this is her favorite day.

“I love the final day of homecoming week, because everyone is getting hyped up for the football game that evening,” Swain explained. “I love seeing all the maroon around school and the energy is high all day long.”

Later that evening, the Bulls lost 28-17 to the Wharton Wildcats, after a hard fought game. Homecoming royalty was announced during halftime, crowning Lucas Rizzo and Olivia Nisbet as King and Queen, and Carter Holden and Victoria Picarelli and Prince and Princess.

Typically, the homecoming dance would follow the football game but it was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, district made an announcement approving school dances and the dance was rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 29.