Disney Genie plus set to replace Disney FastPass system



Promotional image for the release of Disney Genie with a brief description of its purpose from the official Disney Parks site.

On August 18, Disney Manager of Communications, Avery Maehrer, announced Disney’s latest project: Disney Genie. Aimed to release this fall, the Disney Genie app is designed to reimagine the Disney park experience; offering attraction planning, reservation, and guidance throughout your visit. However, the major backlash surrounds Disney Genie plus which allows access to the Lightning Lane for shorter waiting times for rides.

Many Disney fans have expressed their distaste for the new arrival of Disney Genie plus through social media. The Disney Genie Service announcement video currently sits at 1.5k likes to 20k dislikes with hundreds of comments from angry Disney fans.

“I’m not surprised by the change, but I am disappointed by the change,” English teacher Brittnay Doane said. “To my knowledge, there weren’t a lot of issues with the traditional fast pass option that was offered, so I just see this as another way to make money.”

A few FastPass cards to Space Mountain from the old Disney system. A relic of an older era as Disney is led into a new generation of theme parks. (Joe Penniston)

Ever since the global precautions of COVID-19 took effect, multiple theme parks around the world have had to heighten their safety procedures. Disney is no exception. As complaints arose about the new restrictions to Disney parks, guests were bound to voice their frustration. It seemed inevitable that the Disney corporation would have to respond by removing or updating its policies.

“There is no FastPass system now, so the lines are typically longer,” a recent Disney guest Alyssa Cortes said.

Intended to make Disney park visiting easier and enjoyable, some believe Genie was just a way for the notorious mouse to get another stack of cash.

“I will say that I think COVID was the catalyst for Disney getting rid of the original fast pass system and creating this new system,” Doane explained.

Image of the infamous Disney Castle which is the heart of all magic in the franchise. (creativeralph)

The Disney Genie plus extension is currently priced at $15 at DisneyWorld and $20 at DisneyLand per day. By purchasing the addition, you unlock the Disney Genie’s ability to reserve spots in the Lightning Lane.

At its core, the Disney Genie app is personalized specifically to assist you with your trip. The standard version guides you and customizes your plans at the various parks.

With the release date of the Disney Genie service set to take effect this fall, many hope Disney will reconsider and keep the FastPass system.