Wiregrass senior, Joshua Hood, Wins 2020 Florida State Fair Donut Eating Contest

The Florida State Fair hosted their annual donut eating contest on Wednesday, February 12.


Joshua Hood

Joshua Hood, Daiton Roberts, Austin Navarette, and Tyler Mesnekoff pose after the contest.

A feat that has never been accomplished by a Wiregrass student in school history: Donut Eating Contest champion. Joshua Hood, a senior, won the competition, eating six Amish donuts from Peachey’s Baking Company in six minutes. The video of the contest was posted to the Florida State Fairgrounds Facebook page, tallying over 4,600 views.

Austin Navarette
Joshua Hood ate six Amish donuts in six minutes, bringing home 1st place.

According to the contest host, six donuts ties the most that Peachey’s has ever seen somebody eat.

This was Hood’s first ever eating competition. He didn’t prepare much, but he did watch a few eating competitions on Youtube prior to the competition. The main technique that he brought into the contest was to “squeeze the donuts into little balls and eat it with minimal water.”

Before any competition, it is natural to feel nerves and this was no different for Hood.

“I was excited, but as it got closer, I was nervous because I didn’t know what donuts I was going to be challenged with,” Hood explained. “It was only ten minutes before the contest that I realized how big the donuts actually were.”

As the end of the six minutes neared, Hood continued his steady pace with one goal in mind.

“I just couldn’t stop; I couldn’t slow down,” Hood said.

Three other Wiregrass seniors entered the competition as well. Tyler Mesnekoff finished in second place, eating five donuts. Austin Navarette finished near the bottom, eating two and a half donuts; and Daiton Roberts only ate two donuts.

“My friends and I originally signed up for the competition because we thought it would be fun and a cool chance to be part of something we’ve never done before,” Hood explained.

Coming in last place for the Wiregrass group, Roberts felt like he didn’t prepare enough for the contest.

“I ate a lot that day leading up to the competition,” Roberts explained.

Tyler Mesnekoff
Ten dozen donuts were donated to the contest by Peachey’s Baking Company.

Hood explained that while he didn’t sign up looking for a win, he was very happy with the outcome of his first competitive eating competition.

“I feel very accomplished and proud of myself and everyone that was part of the competition,” Hood explained of his achievement. “I would definitely do another eating competition, but I plan to stay away from donuts for a while.”