Presidential campaigns come to Tampa

Photo Credit - Tampa Bay Times

Photo Credit – Tampa Bay Times

As the election season is coming to end, voters are choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The two candidates came to Tampa to rally additional votes.

Donald Trump came to Tampa on October the 24th, to the MidFlorida Credit Union Ampitheater. More than 15,ooo came to attend the rally, and 1000 waited outside unable to enter, to show their support for the Republican candidate.

Trump covered topics such as how we should renegotiate trade deals like NAFTA, cancel spending on climate change programs, stop hiring non-essential federal workers, and that China is a currency manipulator.

Trump also spoke on his ideas that the system is rigged, towards Hillary, including the media and the polls that are being shown.

“The best evidence that the system is rigged is the fact that Hillary Clinton, despite her many crimes, was even allowed to run for president in the first place” Said Donald Trump, during his Tampa rally.

Hilary Clinton held her rally on October the 25 at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa. The rally was held on the former Secretary of States’ 69th birthday.

Clinton criticized Trump for taking the Wednesday off to open his new luxury hotel in Washington D.C saying:

“He once again relied on undocumented workers, the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign,” said Clinton.

Winning Tampa is very important because for the past 13 elections the president that wins Hillsborough County won Florida, and 8 out of nine of those candidates became president. Florida is the most likely to be the “tipping point” in the presidential election.

As of now Hillary is winning the polls in Florida, but nothing is certain until November 8th when the final votes come in. All anybody can do now is to go to the polls and put in their votes for who they think should be the 44th president of the United States.