NBA YoungBoy drops album of the year

NBA YoungBoy releases his first major project of the year, AI YoungBoy 2.

The cover art for AI Youngboy 2 album by Youngboy Never Broke Again.

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The cover art for “AI Youngboy 2” album by Youngboy Never Broke Again.

NBA YoungBoy (YB) released his first project of the year, AI YoungBoy 2, nearly two months after being released from jail. This serves as the sequel to his 2017 project, AI YoungBoy. The mixtape contains 18 songs, lasting 55 minutes. I believe this could be YoungBoy’s best album ever.

The project begins with with “Carter Son,” which is a great start to the mixtape. It sets the tone for the rest of the project, with a great beat and the typical YB flow. You can definitely see the Louisiana influence in this song with the trumpets playing throughout.

“Self Control” has been out since September 5th and has been a popular song since, so no surprise it did well on the album. Personally, I like this song, but I am not a fan of releasing singles prior to an album, then on the album again.

“Make No Sense” might have been the most anticipated song on the entire album. YB releases a snippet of him singing this song in a car on his Instagram earlier this year, which garnered a lot of attention and anticipation. Like most leaked songs, it disappointed, not living up to its expectations.

The best song on the album, “Rich as Hell,” is the 7th song on the album. The beat, plus YB’s lyrics and mix of singing and rapping, makes it my favorite. It is also 3:35 long, which is the perfect length for a song. When I think of YB, I think of this type of song.

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“Slime Mentality,” another previously released song, also appears on the mixtape. It was released with “Self Control” on September 5th. There was a lot of hype surrounding this song since it was first released, and of course, it continues to do very well.

A fan-favorite, “Ranada,” is a love song, but still has a faster tempo and a little bit of rapping. YB’s melodious voice is loved by his fans. His love songs always become very popular.

YB throws his style back to his AI YoungBoy days, with “Lonely Child,” which is a slower love song. This is currently the highest-selling song on the album, which is much deserved.

The best beat on the mixtape, made by Wheezy, is on “Rebel’s Kick It.” This is one of the top songs on the mixtape, simply because of the beat. I am a fan of good, hype beats, so I am a big fan of this one.

The first and only feature on the project is on “Outta Here Safe” feat. Quando Rondo and NoCap. YB has a history of making songs with Rondo, but this song is not nearly as good as some of their previous songs.

I believe this is one of YoungBoy’s best projects ever, if not the best. It is very long with 18 songs and consists of YB doing a little bit of everything. Dropping this fresh out of jail, when the YB hype is high was very smart, but I think this project is more for his real fans, unlike his previous, Realer.

I love this album and can’t wait for YoungBoy to drop his next project.