Twenty One Pilots tour kicks off at Amalie Arena

On October 9, Twenty One Pilots stops at the Amalie Arena in Tampa for the first show of their Bandito tour.


Elianis Castro

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun both play with their ski masks on.

The Twenty-One Pilots (TØP) Bandito tour kicked off in Tampa, Florida at Amalie Arena on October 9 with a packed experience that was heated, emotional and nostalgic

They band released their first album (self-titled) on December 9, 2009. After that, they released three additional albums before going on hiatus in July 2017. A year later, the band returned and released the album Trench to high praise. 

MisterWives opened for TØP at 8 pm. They played covers like Lizzo, “Truth Hurts”, and their own music. They even played one of their new songs that hasn’t been released yet called, “Find My Way Home”. After the MisterWives finished, a black curtain was put up, so the crowd wasn’t able to see Twenty One Pilots setting up.

Elianis Castro
Fans slowly start to pour into Amalie Arena to get to their seats.

At 9 pm, the curtain dropped to a screaming crowd and fire everywhere on the stage. Tyler Joseph appeared holding a lit torch amid the darkness and “Jumpsuit” from their new album Trench started filling the arena. 

Two songs later, they had fans sing the intro to “The Hype” from Trench, as fireworks and confetti painted the arena. 

While singing “Nico and the Niners”, security started to part the crowd through the middle to make a path to a second stage (stage B). Joseph walked down from the main stage and walked through the path inches away from the fans. Josh Dun came later as they played “Smithereens”, that is dedicated to Jena Black, Joseph’s wife. 

A couple of songs later, TØP made their way back to the main stage as they were playing “Pet Cheetah”. Later, Jesse Blum, multi-instrumentalist from Misterwives played a solo on his trumpet as Twenty One Pilots briefly went off-stage. After finishing his solo, Joseph and Dun along with the rest of Misterwives finished the song “Cut My Lip”. 

The concert was almost wrapped up as Twenty One Pilots performed their last song, “Trees” from their album Regional at Best. It has always been a tradition from Twenty One Pilots to end their concerts with this song. 

Joseph and Dun gave their thanks and talked about how grateful they were for this experience.

“People ask me why come back to Tampa when we have already been here before, well it’s to see you guys,” Joseph explained.