Class of 2019 Senior Spirit Week

Seniors showing their spirit at Wiregrass Ranch for the last time.


Mrs. Swain

Seniors on Senioritis Day dressed in lounge wear.

Senior spirit week is always the week of Prom and gives seniors one last chance to show their school spirit and dress up for the various themes each day. This week is different than previous theme weeks in the school year because it is only for the Senior class.

Seniors all dressed up for Kindergarten Day.

Spirit week started on Monday, April 22 with Kindergarten day. This day was meant for seniors to re-visit what they dressed like when they first started school. Students brought teddy bears, lunch boxes, and some even had photos of themselves from Kindergarten in very similar outfits.

Following Kindergarten day was Senioritis day. Senioritis is “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Seniors dressed in their comfiest clothes and many students brought blankets and pillows to accessorize their ensembles.

“Senioritis day was pretty much a normal day for me,” Senior Joshua Wisener said. “It was funny to see what people brought to school that day. I saw some people wearing slippers.”

On Wednesday it was College/Career day and Seniors donned a shirt from the college they plan to attend or wore something that represented their future career.

Thursday was Senior Citizen day. This day involved seniors dressing up as an older version of themselves. Many students brought walkers, wore night gowns, and some even spray-painted their hair gray.

“Senior citizen day was hilarious,” Senior Alyse Diamond said. “This had to be my favorite day of the week.”

Friday was Senior Spirit day. Seniors wore their class t-shirts, crowns, or the color pink.

“This year had some really good days,” Senior Brayden Zemaitis said. “I liked how creative everyone got and how spirited everyone looked. Definitely a week to laugh about.”

Roryana Theano
Seniors wearing pink and their senior shirts for Senior Spirit day.