Astroworld: “Wish You Were Here” Tampa tour date postponed

The sold out Travis Scott concert was postposed due to protection issues according to Amalie Arena and fans were not happy.


Christopher Polk

Travis Scott performing at a previous concert before the Tampa location concert was cancelled.

The Travis Scott “Astroworld: Wish You Were Here” tour that was supposed to be held at the Amalie Arena November 12th, was postponed to a later date. Amalie Arena cancelled the concert due to protection and technical issues. Not only was this a concert fans were waiting months to go to, it was completely sold out, upsetting thousands of people.

Jeremy Klein
“Wish You Were Here” original tour dates.

While setting up for the concert on Monday, Scott’s set came across difficulties due to an elaborate roller coaster carnival ride that was suppose to be part of the set on stage. This technical production issue also postponed three other concert tour dates including the Hartford, Cleveland, and Milwaukee.

“To the 3 sold out shows I had to move, I’m sorry I tried everything, but I had to give you guys the best show. I’m coming back there, not canceled, just moved to a later date. I’m gonna make it one of the illest experiences,” Travis Scott tweeted Tuesday night.

Although technical issues did lead to a cancellation of the sold out concert, Scott promised he will be back and make the experience better than ever. For some fans at Wiregrass, those words weren’t quite enough to satisfy them.

Senior Destanie Aydt arrived to the arena around 1:15pm because of her early bird tickets that allowed her to enter the concert venue sooner. After about 30 minutes of being inside, she found out that the concert was cancelled.

“I honestly think the rescheduled dates will end up being better than the rest of the tour to make up for the inconvenience of it all. Hopefully he will bring out Drake or someone exciting,” Aydt stated.

Due to the postponement, fans are able to keep their tickets for the later date or accept a refund if unable to attend.

Senior Granger Smith is upset about the postponement, but believes the show is worth the wait.

Ricky Nugraha
Travis Scott: Wish You Were Here Tour logo.

“The anticipation was unreal up to the point of cancellation. But we are still gonna attend the new scheduled date and show out,” Smith said.

The rescheduled dates have yet to be announced, however Scott’s representatives claim it will be part of Leg 2 of his tour.