Iridescence: BROCKHAMPTON does it again

The hardest working boy band in the business returns for a brand new album.


Six members of the group, Matt, Joba, Kevin, Merlyn, Don, and Bearface

On September 21 2018, BROCKHAMPTON dropped the iconic group’s 4th studio album, Iridescence, blessing fans with 15 brand-new tracks to listen to. The self-proclaimed “boy band” recently finished their tour in Europe and have settled in the United Kingdom for the time being. Iridescence recently hit #1 on the iTunes charts and they’re still releasing music videos from the album frequently.

Reviews for this album were very good. Critic Anthony Fantano said “The back half of the album is much better than the first in my opinion, it seems like the group really came together after a patchy start.”

Overall, the synergy between the group and the distorted beats serves to keep the listener entertained. BROCKHAMPTON is known for their originality, and this album does nothing but deliver. Almost every song has its own unique element which makes it special. If you take the time to sit down and listen to the entire album, you will not be disappointed.

The album cover for “Iridescence”

After listening to the album almost 6 times through, I’ve really come to like Iridescence. The theme of the album is about how, once the group got famous, they’ve all started feeling lonely and depressed. This theme is overshadowed, however, by more upbeat songs such as “NEW ORLEANS” and “BERLIN”, which can give the listener an impression of the album being more cheerful. Once you listen to lyrics and are able to truly understand the messages of the songs, you will undoubtedly see an underlying theme of depression.

BROCKHAMPTON has risen to stardom in the last year and they show no signs of stopping. The group plans on going on tour again for the new album, then plans to release more music. This boyband has won over the hearts of listeners, and at this point who knows what they will take over next.

Matt Champion and Brian Kinnes leading the group in a signature outfit