Battle for Chapel Pep Rally


Band students get the crowd pumped with their performance

“Battle for Chapel” Pep Rally

Wiregrass held it’s first pep rally of the school year Friday August 31 to rally up some school spirit for the rival game against Wesley Chapel High later that night.

The pep rally consisted of a class game, performances from the dance team and band, and the class competition for the spirit stick. At the first pep rally, the Class of 2020 Juniors won the spirit stick for the first time. However, the Seniors came out on top in the second pep rally, cheering the loudest in the gym.

Junior Faith Drnec enjoyed the Pep Rally.

“I liked watching my class win the spirit stick and having everybody cheer together was a good feeling,” Drnec explained.

Senior Katherine Llanos, a member of the Bulls Nation club that hosted the Pep Rally, was happy with how it turned out.

“I really enjoyed this pep rally, Llanos explained. “This was definitely one of my favorite pep rallies out of my three years at Wiregrass.”