Seniors show their spirit one last time


Disney Day during Senior Spirit Week.

Senior Spirit Week at Wiregrass Ranch was held April 23-April 27, with a variety of dress up days throughout the week. Senior Spirit Week is similar to Homecoming Spirit Week, but instead of everyone participating, only the seniors dress up. This is their last chance to show off their school spirit before graduation day.

Senior Spirit Week started off on Monday, April 23 with the theme of Kindergarten Day. Seniors tried to closely resemble what they wore in Kindergarten, or their most memorable moments from their childhood.

Kindergarten Day during Senior Spirit Week.

Tuesday was Disney Day. Many seniors dressed up as princes and princesses or their favorite character from Disney movies and shows. Senior Alyssa Soriano liked this day the best.

“Disney Day was my personal favorite. I grew up watching Disney movies and the Disney Channel, so seeing my fellow classmates expressing their creativity on Disney Day made me very happy. All the outfits looked so good and the couples dressed up like a prince and princess were my personal favorite,” Soriano said.


The following day was Senior Citizen Day, and many students participated by dressing up as senior citizens and walked around campus with canes or even walkers.

Senior Citizen Day during Senior Spirit Week.

Senior Alex Flamer expressed his excitement for Senior Citizen Day.

“Senior Citizen Day is like a classic for Senior Spirit Week every year and I’m excited to dress up like an old man walking around school,” Flamer said.

Thursday was College/Career Day, where seniors wore merchandise from the college they will be attending or dressed up as the career they want to pursue.

The final day for Senior Spirit Week was Friday, April 27 with the theme of School Spirit. Seniors wore school colors or wore their class color, pink.

Seniors wore their class color, pink, for School Spirit Day.

Senior Natalia Vargas talked about what she felt about this year’s Senior Spirit Week.

“I enjoyed Senior Spirit Week this year. The themes were fun to dress up with,” Vargas said. “It felt like a good celebration before us seniors leave high school to be on our own in college.”