Golden Globes Coverage


Meryl Streep delivering her speech against bullying and the importance of preserving the media.

The 74th Golden Globes Awards were broadcast on January 8th, honoring the best in TV and film, and with them came another gallery of fantastic outfits prepared for the event. From flowing gowns to sharp suits, the awards are one of the best places to see the current fashion trends as displayed by celebrities.

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, these awards have brought about the most successful film in Golden Globe history, La La Land. The film was nominated for 7 awards, and won them all – meaning that it now holds the most awards of any movie in all 74 ceremonies.

The only other film to win multiple awards was Elle, which won both of the awards it was nominated for.

Women in suits also took the award show by storm.

Meryl Streep used her Lifetime Achievements award to call out President-elect Donald Trump, saying that he had a very strong platform that was used inappropriately.

Fashion still prevailed as one of the most conversed topics of night, from Emma Stone’s starry Valentino gown to Lily Collin’s Zuhair Murad princess-esque rosy gown. It’s easily seen that the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet did not disappoint.

The trends of the night included bright, poppy reminiscent yellows and bold suits with feminine touches. Stars such as Olivia Culpo and Ruth Negga took huge risks with an intricately hand painted Zuhair Murad and Louis Vuitton robot-inspired gowns.

The predictions made by fans before the actual awards turned out to be fairly accurate. According to, La La Land was expected to win the majority of the awards it was nominated for, and it lived up to those high expectations – and then some.