Wildfires spread around Tennesse, killing 14

Tennessee wildfires are thought to have been started with teens playing with matches


Photo of the wildfire Source- NBC News

Wildfires have spread to most of Tennessee, causing the deaths of 14 individuals. It is reported that two teens, age 15 and 17, caused the wildfires playing with matches while walking down a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

Source- CNN

The two teens were charged with aggravated arson, due to destruction of 2460 structures, deaths of 14, and injuries of 134 innocent people, that were caused by their actions. They are being held at Sevier County Juvenile Detention Center, to await trial and sentencing.

The fires have affected Tennessee residents and business owners all across the state, burning down approximately 2460 businesses and homes. There is an estimated 500 million dollars of damage total, accord ing to Tennessee officials.

The fire originated on the Chimney Tops Trail, then spread around that area. The fire moved around Sevier county, then to the surrounding counties. At the peak of the fire, it was on the borders of Georgia, parts of North Carolina, and the border of South Carolina.

Source- Wildfire Today

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GRSM) Deputy Superintendent Clay Jordan gave a statement on the wildfire, and the events that unfolded after the start of the fire.

“We will continue to explore lessons learned from this incident and we appreciate the outpouring of support and resources that we have received from across the nation to help us fight this fire,” said Jordan.

Jordan also talked about how the conditions allowed the fire to spread the way that it did. He said that no number of firefighters or fire engines, could have defeated the fire, because of how strong the fire was.