Holiday shopping in 2021


Jarvis He

A Christmas tree at the mall, celebrating the upcoming Christmas season. Holiday shopping is a grand opportunity for indoor malls.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- Christmas season comes around with children writing lists to Santa Claus and gifts are shared with family across the globe, yet the COVID-19 pandemic continues its shipping delays, safety precautions, and mass transfer to online shopping methods. Begging the question: how early is too early to go holiday shopping in 2021?

If you’ve ordered a package this year, you may have experienced the worldwide shipping delays, depending on your location. Even months after city lockdowns, some ports are still recovering from the temporary shutdown, as Insider reports a shortage of workers and equipment to bring in shipments.

“I ordered a reporter’s microphone and teleprompter for Bulls TV in August, and it is still on backorder,” Journalism teacher Ashley Swain said. “I think it depends on what specifically you are ordering when it comes to these delays, because I’ve ordered more basic items and had no issues.”

Shipping goods are still undelivered due to the large influx of vehicles trying to transport packages around the globe after the complete halt from the pandemic. (MaxPixel).

To keep themselves safe, many Americans shopped online last year through companies such as Amazon. In 2020, Cyber Monday earned 10.8 billion dollars, which is the most income gained in one day through online shopping. Combined with the grand panic to get gifts and save all in one day, world ports will be tested in their efficiency of delivering packages.

“With the ability and access to millions of stores online for convenience, I think many people turn to online shopping,” English teacher Kimberley Khalaf explained. “Especially during the pandemic when many stores and restaurants were offering takeout only, online seemed like a better, safer option.”

The reliable option may just be to order your gifts even earlier this year before the mass rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales or choose to shop indoors.

“I think I’d rather shop in store so I know what I’m getting,” freshman Matthew Preston said.

2021 may also indicate a shift in the method people will use to shop. There has been an increase in apps that bring you food and groceries from the comfort of your home like Doordash.

As humanity evolves with technology, so does shopping with Cyber Monday: a more recent holiday event to save when shopping online (HaticeEROL).

“For some people it is more convenient to shop online and then pick up their items at the store or wait for them to arrive to their houses,” Spanish teacher Anetta Sanchez said. “Furthermore, some people like me believe that doing it online would prevent you from buying stuff that you don’t really need, which would save you some money.”

Though the future for shopping as a whole is uncertain, 2021 will be a key year that will pave the road on how our generation and the next will buy items. If you want to make sure your presents are at your doorstep before Christmas morning, plan ahead.