Featured Athlete – Cheer captain Alyssa Moore


Alyssa Moore, senior cheerleader

Varsity Cheerleading Captain, Alyssa Moore, is an extremely talented senior at Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) and is the varsity Cheer captain. She has excelled in her four years on the team and looks forward to graduating as a part of the Class of 2017.

Moore has been cheering ever since she was five years old, and has used her experience of thirteen years to acquire the technical and leadership skills to become the captain of the Wiregrass Varsity Team.

As the captain of the Wiregrass Varsity Cheer team, Alyssa Moore is responsible for everything that goes on with her team.

“I think the biggest responsibility right now is trying to keep the team together, lately we’ve had issues because there’s so many people, so its been a big responsibility trying to make sure everyone is communicating and getting everything done,” Moore explains.

Alyssa has been a part of some very successful teams at Wiregrass, with accomplishments such as qualifying for Nationals and finishing 7th in the nation.

Moore’s cheerleading goals extend to college “I plan on going to [University of South Florida] and actually trying out for the cheer team there,” she says.

Moore wants to make it big in cheer but she knows how dangerous it can also be, from personal experience.

“Recently I had a seizure and I wasn’t allowed to cheer, so having no idea what was wrong and not being able to cheer was a really difficult thing. Also coming back from it, that was pretty hard after being gone for a few months.”

She has tried to take her athletic ability to other sports, but they didn’t seem to fit her as well as Cheerleading. Her true calling was always Cheer.

“I did gymnastics for about a year and I toyed around with volleyball and basketball but it never really stuck,” said Moore.

Alyssa Moore has big plans for herself as she continues to focus on her goals in cheerleading and her future.