Stream the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ now



The show won a 2020 Emmy award for outstanding drama series.

For those who watched season one of “The Mandalorian”, you know Mando is on a mission to return his little pal to a Jedi Knight. Season two opens up with Mando on a search to find another Mandalorian. Mando was told that finding other Mandalorians could help him with his quest of delivering the child.

The “Star Wars” story has been around since 1977 and later expanded into what is now known as the Skywalker Saga. “The Mandalorian” takes place in between the original movies and the sequels, adding a new dimension to the “Star Wars” universe.

Over the years, the world of “Star Wars” has grown to become one of the most well known SYFY series in the world. “The Mandalorian” is a newer (2019-present) TV series based in the “Star Wars” universe, that is currently on the second season with new episodes released every Friday.

Season one consisted of eight episodes and currently, season two has released 7 episodes with the finale to be released this coming weekend. You can stream “The Mandalorian” on the Disney+ streaming service. On IMDb, “The Mandalorian” is rated a 8.7/10 with over 220,000 ratings and already has a large following.

The Mandalorian season two is now streaming on Disney+. (Disney)

Pedro Pascal plays the main character Mando and the Baby Yoda character (name released in season two), is a puppet which according to a story on, cost $5 Million dollars to create. Together they take on adventures through the “Star Wars” universe.

“Baby Yoda is the best because he’s Baby Yoda and he’s awesome,” senior Romal Estemcdonald said.

If you like “The Mandalorian,” Disney+ also offers a behind the scenes series titled “Disney Gallery,” which shows unreleased behind-the-scenes casting and footage of the show.

Disney also announced two spin off shows: “Ahsoka” and “Rangers Of The New Republic”. Rosario Dawson will continue her role as Ahsoka in the series and the series will be set within the same timeline as “The Mandalorian.”

“My favorite character is Ahsoka,” sophomore Emma-Sue Miller-Stewart said. “It’s nice to have such a well written and powerful female character.”

If you haven’t watched “The Mandalorian” yet, you are missing out on a stellar storyline with unique characters that you find yourself rooting for every episode.