Netflix’s ‘Get Organized’: A picture perfect space

Netflix’s new show, “Get Organized with The Home Edit”, is the new satisfying hit to watch.



Clea and Joanna are the two women running The Home Edit.

Netflix’s new series, “Get Organized with The Home Edit”, turns messy spaces into functional, styled areas that families can keep up with long-term. The new show is about business owners Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin who turned their hobby into a full time job.

From Nashville, Tennessee, these two women, with their outstanding team, help people organize their homes.  From everyday people to a-list celebrities, this power duo transform the messes that need some attention.

Social media started their career, with an Instagram following that has over 3.9 million people. They share tips and post their organizing highlights. This duo shares one plan to organize anything: edit, categorize, and contain. Simply see what one needs or wants to keep, decide groups for the items, and then find a container that functions perfect for you.

The duo organizes in three steps. Edit, categorize, and contain. As seen in this picture, they organized the shoes by color. (Netflix)

The first episode highlights Reese Witherspoon’s collection of movie costumes and a pediatric doctor’s busy closet. Witherspoon is actually an executive producer for the show and had some famous outfits she wanted to showcase in her Nashville family home. The team went in and created a story with her outfits that fit her needs perfectly. For the doctor, the team made her closet much more functional and even added a basket for the necessities she needed before rushing off to work.

Other celebrities highlighted on the show were: Rachel Zoe, Khloé Kardashian, Neil Patrick Harris, and country singer Kane Brown. Each with their own mess to tackle, the duo and their team steps in and cleans it up.

The show has a 5/10 on IMDb and currently an 83% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The show gets compared to Mary Kondo’s organizing show; however, even though they are both organizing, their end goals are different. “Get Organized” wants to make a space picture perfect and Kondo focuses on minimalizing.

Overall, this show is a perfect weekend binge. If you want to watch a show and learn how to make your space picture perfect yourself, this is the show for you.