“You”: awaiting season two

Loved American thriller, You, returns for season two.

Joe follows Beck through his bookstore in season one of the show.


Joe follows Beck through his bookstore in season one of the show.

American psychological thriller, “You” created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, will be returning to Netflix for a second season. With a successful first season, the show gained over 40 million streamers despite the show failing to draw attention when first released on Lifetime.

The first season focused on bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg who becomes engrossed in aspiring writer, Beck. He begins to stalk her, conveniently placing himself in settings where he may run into her and eliminating anything or anyone that may hinder their relationship. The last episode of season one left viewers shocked when Joe ends up turning on Beck when she finds out what he really is: a sociopath.

In season two, Joe finds a new identity, and with that, a new obsession. In the trailer released by Netflix, Joe moves from New York to Los Angeles. We see him again, ordering coffee at a café and when the barista asks his name, we see his grim smirk for the first time since season one, as he responds with “Will.”

Season two promotional poster

The end of season one left viewers hanging. Was Beck dead, or did she somehow manage to escape her stalker? According to Elizabeth Lail (Beck), she will not be featured in season two due to the change in location.

“I’m sad to not continue that journey… they’re shooting in L.A. so nothing will be the same,” Lail stated.

The announcement of the continuation of the series left fans ecstatic. Senior, Loryn Finn, is one of those fans.

“I’m excited for season two. I’m ready to see what they bring into it and how it will all play out,” Finn explained.

However, some have their doubts of how the sequel will turn out. Junior Katie Arnold, is suspicious of how season two will preform in comparison with season one.

“The first season was so good; I don’t see how they could make another without over doing it,” Arnold stated.

Season two is set to release on December 26th, with ample time for a binge-watch session before many return back to work or school after the holidays.