You: A creepy love story

Netflix produces another hit show that evokes chills.



Joe watching Beck before they meet in the store.

Netflix’s brand new original series You, gives viewers a brand new show to binge on. The New York set story shows a darker side to the internet and the lengths people will go for for love. A debatable psychopath roams the city in search of a girl that is perfect for him and will do whatever it takes to win her over.

You was originally released on Lifetime in September, but due to poor viewership was canceled. It was picked up by Netflix in December, and immediately became an online sensation. “The streaming service said that You was on track to be watched by 40 million households within its first four weeks on the service,” according to Netflix.

Joe in his underground collection room.

The show tells the story from the mind of Joe; you hear all of his thoughts and his feelings even when he fails to project them outside of his head. Slowly you start realizing Joe is a borderline psychopath. The way he manipulates peoples’ life seems to be for a greater good but the act violates major privacy ethics and comes off as creepy because of how much he is trying to control. The dilemma becomes whether Joe is a caring and compassionate friend or an overly intrusive stalker.

Beck being watched in the park by Joe.

Critics have been praising You for its unique delivery and clever plot. Todd VanDerWeff from Vox said, “I found You frequently brilliant, a thrilling dissection of the stories we tell and the reasons we tell them, with a season finale unlike anything else on TV this year.”

You’s season one has come to impress many people and leaving them only wanting more. Season 2 is set to begin filming next month.

Overall, this chilling, crazy, murderous love story provides a rom-com that you never new you wanted to see. The refreshing storytelling keeps viewers continuously questioning whether their good guy is actually the villain of the show. Netflix originals have been getting better over the years and You marks a new era of great shows for the streaming service.