Wiregrass Ranch hosts third Signing Day of the year


Alexis Marquith

Kasean Ridgel with his friends after the Bulls spring Signing Day.

Wiregrass Ranch High School had its spring Signing Day ceremony this past Friday, April 26th. Eight athletes chose to sign their names as authentication of where they are planning to continue their athletic pursuits. The sports that were represented included: football, baseball, softball, track and field, volleyball, soccer and acro tumbling.

Alexis Marquith
Alex Medina committing to running track and field at Loyola New Orleans

Signing Day athletes included: Emily Baig (Saint Leo University), Ashtin Jordan (Pasco Hernando State College), Mackenzie Spurling (Warner University), KaSean Ridgel (Bluefield College), Hayden Wills (Muskingum College), Alex Medina (Loyola University New Orleans), and Jalenn Mead (Greensboro College).

The eighth athlete that intended to sign was Jaizah Anderson, volleyball, but she decided to keep her options open.

“I feel kind of nervous because this is what I’ve worked hard for since I was 13,” Anderson explained. “I’m just really happy that all the hard work paid off.”

Alex Medina will continue his running career; as he put up prolific numbers in both cross country and track here at the Ranch, including a 2:02 in the 800, a 4:48 mile, and 52 in the 400. He hopes to have a positive impact on the community at his campus next year, keep his grades high, and continue improving as an athlete.

“I’m ecstatic to be able to continue my running career,” Medina explained. “I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to not only attend an accredited college but also to continue to participate in the sports I love.”

Alexis Marquith
Coach Wilson speaking at Signing Day to the crowd.

The Bulls also boasted the signing of Emily Baig, who will be doing acro tumbling at Saint Leo University in it’s inaugural year of the program. Baig was on the Varsity cheer team for three years and also teaches gymnastics at Premier Gymnastics.

Varsity Kicker for the Bulls, Hayden Wills, was indecisive about continuing his career in football but decided on attending Muskingum College in Ohio, with the help of Coach Kantor.

“We [Coach and I] both knew it was the school for me and I am thankful for that because he was the one who helped me get to where I am now,” Wills stated.

In total, Wiregass had 17 seniors sign this school year to continue their athletic careers in college.