Recap of the first five picks of the 2019 NFL Draft

An eventful draft prepares us for the upcoming NFL season.

Round 1 of the NFL draft took place on April 25th in Nashville, Tennessee.


Round 1 of the NFL draft took place on April 25th in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 2019 NFL draft took place on Thursday night, and it was one for the ages, with some teams making controversial picks that the fans did not agree with. This will be a rundown of the first ten draft picks and my personal opinions on how they’ll shape out for the team.

Pick #1 – Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray, QB from Oklahoma

After a pretty abysmal 2018 season, where the Cardinals went 3-13, they needed to make a new start. A new start usually begins with a new coach, which they acquired in Kliff Kingsbury. The next step typically includes a new quarterback, which they found in this year’s draft. While I do believe Arizona gave up a little too quickly on Josh Rosen, their quarterback they drafted last year, I believe Murray will work well with Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive mind.

Pick #2 – San Fransisco 49ers, Nick Bosa, EDGE from Ohio State

Coming off of a 4-12, 2018 season, the 49ers decided to build up their defensive line more by drafting the best pass rusher in the class. Bosa only played in 3 games last season as a junior, but he also recorded 4 sacks and 14 total tackles.

Pick #3 – New York Jets, Quinnen Williams, DT from Alabama

The Jets are starting the 2019 season with a new coach in Adam Gase, and a new running back in Le’Veon Bell. They will now also start with a new tackle in Quinnen Williams. He was an elite pass rusher in college, and the Jets will surely make good use of him.

Pick #4 – Oakland Raiders, Clelin Ferrell, EDGE from Clemson

This pick is a bit of a controversial one. Ferrell is a good pass rusher when he’s playing up to his potential, but he is very inconsistent and when he’s not playing well, he is a very poor player. I personally would’ve taken Josh Allen from Kentucky, because while he’s a linebacker, he is not as inconsistent and could benefit the team more.

Pick #5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Devin White, LB from LSU

This is just a solid draft pick. White is a good player and will add a lot to the Bucs defense, but I also believe the Bucs could use some help on the offensive side of the ball. Josh Allen also could’ve gone in this spot as well because I believe he’s a better player than White.

This year’s draft might not have had the best talent at the positions we’re used to seeing like quarterback and wide receiver, but there were plenty of good picks that will help the teams defensively; which will help defeat the stigma that the NFL is becoming an overly offensive-minded league.