Featured Athlete – Running Back Daquion “Da Da” McGee

Junior Dada McGee

Junior Dada McGee

On an overcast afternoon, a week into the school year, the visiting Wiregrass Ranch Bulls football team faced off against the Zephyrhills Bulldogs in their opening game of the season.

The forecast called for light showers and a chance of lightning, but nobody predicted Junior Bulls running back Daquion ‘Da Da’ McGee’s performance against a porous Bulldog defense for 210 yards and two touchdowns. With his performance, ‘Da Da’ contributed to a 43-8 walloping by Wiregrass Ranch for a decisive opening victory, and was chosen as the MaxPreps Overall Player of the Game.

McGee started his football career at the age of six, and since then it has been his favorite thing to do. It was on those youth football fields where Daquion McGee became “Da Da” (Dae-Dae) the lightning fast and locomotive power backfield phenom who would whip past his opponents into the end zone.

As a sophomore in 2015, McGee totaled 323 yards and three touchdowns. Six games into his 2016 season, he has accumulated more yards and twice as many scores. He attributes the success of this season to his coaching staff.

“With Kantor as our offensive coordinator, we do a lot more running,” says McGee. “[The coaching staff] really knows what they are doing, the coaching is really fantastic to be honest. Practices are hard but game days be easy.”

McGee recognizes his duty is to his team, and hopes to continue helping his team succeed.

“I feel comfortable putting my team in a good place.” says McGee. “As if in I break loose, and I score, and all that.”

Football isn’t the only sport McGee excels in though, he also runs the 100 meter, 400 meter, and 4×1 races for the track team.

When asked which sport he prefers most, Dada doesn’t hesitate.

“Football,” Dada affirms. “It’s a man’s sport.”

Coach Kantor also had some warm words for his star running back.

“He’s a fantastic young guy,” said Kantor. “He has a very unique running style, very shifty in the hips. He’s a quiet kid, you don’t know that Dada is out there until you hand him the ball. But he’s got a great personality, even though he’s quiet.”

Dada McGee and the rest of the Wiregrass Ranch Football Team will play Plant High School in the district championship on October’s 28th at WRHS at 7:30pm.

Dada’s highlight reel can be seen on the school’s hudl account here, for anyone interested.