Boys basketball lose to Sickles


The Wiregrass Boys Varsity Basketball team lost to Sickles on Friday Night 65-55. This was the Bulls’ second loss to Sickles during the 2017-2018 season.

The Bulls looked very different in the two halves, shining in the first, but falling short in the second.

The first half was filled with much success, as guards Daniel Biglow and Elijah Howell hit some crucial 3’s to keep the lead up. Watching their game plan unfold, it was obvious that they wanted to drive hard to the paint and be physical, which was executed outstandingly. Defense played well enough to have the Sickles team storm into the visiting lock room as the buzzer rang for the end of the first half, the Bulls leading 32-25.

Elijah Howell scored the second most of the night with 14 points for the Bulls. Howell also saw the difference in his team between the two halves.

“In the first half we were attacking the rim pretty strong and we were getting to the free throw line, we kind of went away from that in the second half,” Howell commented.

The Bulls quickly lost their lead in the first few minutes of the second half and never reclaimed it throughout the game. Defensive rebounding, mostly against the Senior forward Bryce Workman who stands at 6’8”, was a struggle most evident in the second half. Balls were not secured in the air when there were 50/50 shots and it was clear that Coach Calzone was frustrated.

Howell also pointed to another key problem throughout the second half and that was free throws.

“Free throws were a big factor in the game, being part of the reason we lost. We just have to go up to the line and relax and be confident in our free throw making abilities,” Howell explained.

Foward Valentin Garcia taking a free throw

The Bulls ended up going 8 for 18 at the charity stripe, a disappointing 44% conversion rate. All of them were on mark, hitting the rim every time, but just could not get the lucky roll on 10 shots that would have tied the game at the end.

The Bulls were still given many opportunities with the multiple turnovers by Sickles, but struggled to get the ball in the hoop. As the Bulls desperately high pressed the Sickles offense in the final minutes, the Gryphons were able to ring up the score to the final of 65-55.

The Bulls plan to recoup from this loss and prepare for their next game.

“We just have to continue to get better and realize that we need to play our best basketball at the end of the season and into the playoffs,” Calzone explained.

The game sends the Bulls to a 13-5 record and 7-5 in the district, still having a viable shot at going far in districts as there are still an number of games left in the regular season. The Bulls head to Freedom High School to play the Patriots, who they dominated on December 15th winning 80-46.