Bright shows a different side of racism

Bright shows a different side of racism

In a fantasy world with orcs and elves, Bright starring Will Smith tackles the issue of racism in America. In LA, a cop named Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is teamed up with the first orc officer Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) in their mission to secure a magic wand that is capable of mass destruction. With Jakoby facing major problems of hatred from civilians and police, as do the other orcs, Officer Ward is the only one who is willing to defend his new partner. But does this movie capture the minds of its audiences or is it telling a story that’s already been told of how racism is negative in society?

Officer Ward (Will Smith)
and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton)

Bright has experienced a huge split of reviews coming from critics and the regular audience; critics saying it was awful, but the regular populace deeming it a masterpiece with a very important message. The audiences love how Bright is so blunt about not only racism, but corruption of the police force.

After seeing this movie for myself, I enjoyed how the director wasn’t afraid to express his thoughts. Visually it looked very good and there were interesting side characters. I didn’t enjoy Will Smith’s morally unmoral character that flip-flopped between being a great officer and being borderline corrupt. Overall the relationship between Jakoby and Ward brings this movie together, with them starting out as less than friends, but not quite enemies, viewers get to see something develop between them.

The ideas it brings has been done before, but Bright delivers it in a new way. It looked great, had good characters, and wasn’t afraid to be in your face about what it delivers. I’d give it a rating of 3.8 stars, and I think that it’s definitely worth the watch.

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