‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ is a Cartoon Network TV Show based on the Clone Wars Era of the Star Wars universe—a topic only hinted at in the movies.


The force is strong with this one, yet its lack of views is disturbing.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or often just referred to as The Clone Wars, was a Cartoon Network original animated TV series based around the Clone Wars Era of the Star Wars universe, which is situated between Episode II and Episode III of the movies. It started with a featured length movie of the same name on October 3, 2008 and the final episodes were released on Netflix, March 7, 2014.

This was a truly long running series that was dear to me during my childhood. I remember having ‘light-saber’ fights with sticks and copying moves we saw on the show, and of times when we would make our own characters and act out how they would’ve figured into the events of the last episode.

If it isn’t obvious, I really do love this show. It’s what kept me a fan for so long after the movies had become somewhat dull, and the relatively recent re-watching I went through of the series only cemented that fact.

The Clone Wars did a lot differently than other Star Wars properties. The art style is almost entirely unique to this show, the animation compliments said style, and I freakin’ love the characters.

The 3D art style they went with for this series, although initially off-putting, is probably the greatest risk they took and I believe it paid off. The show looks just realistic enough for real emotion and weight, but is cartoonish enough so that the admittedly silly jumps and flips some of the characters do don’t look out of place. Everything pops due to the chosen colors when they need to, but during war scenes, this is notably cut back, inciting a darker tone without necessarily making the scene boring.

Although not perfect, the art style really sells some points I think other styles would’ve missed. When looking at this picture, you can really feel Anakin’s anger from this picture alone.

Fight scenes in this show are great, whether it be with light-sabers, laser guns, or just straight fist-to-cuff. Each punch has impact, each slash is destructive, and every dodge is graceful. Characters can have completely opposite ways of dealing with an opponent that fits their personality; one character will nimbly weave between enemy fire until they are within preferred range, others will simply charge through any and all blaster bolts until they overwhelm and take out the opposition.

Location also plays a huge part in why this show is so great. Star Wars is well known for its wide range of planets the characters explore. You got your desert planet, your water planet, your forest planet, your slightly less dense forest planet, your even less dense forest planet, etc., etc… The Clone Wars is a bit different, instead of simply using locales for their environmental diversity, they add a spin to that environment. The show also delves into the species these planets would have and how the characters have to deal with it.

For example, there is a forest planet (a rare breed indeed), but it has the twist of being a forest planet mostly covered with fog. Doesn’t sound too spectacular, but the kicker is what the Republic forces are up against because of it. Although they are out of their element, the forces on this planet have many years of evolutionary experience on their side. They’ve evolved to see through the fog and have the home field advantage when it comes to knowing their environment. The next series of episodes then focus on how Republic can recover their loses, adapt to their surroundings, and then plan around their opponents advantage. All of which is very interesting to see progress.

Low visibility, low chances of victory.

I could go on and on about more examples of what’s listed above. I haven’t even gone into the large amount characters, both original and returning, and how they develop throughout the series.

Regardless, I hope this little sneak peak at my thoughts of this beloved show have convinced you to at least give it a try.

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