“Justice League” fails to impress


“Justice League,” the pinnacle movie of the DC Extended Universe, came out last week to a disappointing box office return. The movie was bashed by critics and fans alike, and has managed to divide filmgoers on their stance. In my opinion, the movie was good, but it could have been so much better.

After the release of “Batman v. Superman,” the studio heads were in a bit of a pickle. Many fans loved the film while the general audience hated it for its’ dark themes. Due to this criticism, people in charge decided to step in the middle of director Zack Snyder’s vision, mandating that there should be more jokes, and that the film should be more light-hearted. That was the biggest mistake that could have possibly been made.

The poster for the film

In general, the film itself seems very disjointed, almost as if two directors worked on it and they both had separate visions for how they wanted the film to be. That’s because there was, in the middle of post production, the studio didn’t like how the film was playing out, so they more or less fired Zack Snyder and brought in Joss Whedon to finish production. They mandated that Whedon re-shoot a good portion of the film to add in more jokes. The re-shoots are glaringly obvious when viewing the film and most of the jokes fall flat.

Another major issue with the re-shoots was Henry Cavill’s mustache. Since the main part of filming was done for “Justice League,” Henry Cavill (Superman) took a role in the new Mission Impossible movie. In that film, he has a big mustache. When the studio brought Henry back in for re-shoots, the other studio making Mission Impossible wouldn’t allow him to shave the mustache. The final solution was that they would remove the mustache with CGI. In the movie, he looks terrible. It is so easy to see which scenes were re-shot.

Overall, the film had so much potential and sadly didn’t meet these expectations. The solution for DC’s movie problem should be this: give more freedom to the directors and lose some of the budget on these films. The studio can’t afford to have another bad film, hopefully “Aquaman” can blow the competition out of the water, pun intended.