Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel finally gets it right

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel finally gets it right
The poster for the movie

Throughout all of the Marvel movies, the Thor movies have seemingly been the hardest to get right. The first one, which came out in 2011 was good, but it didn’t know what kind of movie it really wanted to be and “Thor: The Dark World” was honestly the worst Marvel movie to date. So going into this one, I was skeptical. I had heard good things before hand so I was ready for what was at most, a better than mediocre super hero movie. Luckily, to my surprise, the movie was wonderful.

A big complaint that people usually have with Marvel is that the comedic elements are way too much to handle. If there’s one thing this film got right, it was humor. Director Taika Waititi has always been great at utilizing humor in his movies and this was no exception. In a movie that should be made very serious and dark, he manages to sprinkle humor throughout the movie, and it works perfectly.

Korg, the best part of the movie

One character that stole the show for me in this one was Korg. The big blue rock creature was the heart and soul of this movie. The second he enters the frame, he immediately stole the hearts of everyone. Hopefully in the future, Marvel includes more Korg.

When people think of a Marvel movie, they think of an enjoyable, funny, action-filled superhero film that they will leave feeling like they spent their $10 on a ticket wisely. This is exactly that. While being a great film, the only thing that drags it down is it’s similarity to other Marvel films. After 17 movies in the franchise, it seems like Marvel’s biggest enemy is itself.

Looking at the future of the Marvel franchise, it’s next two movies are their make or break movies. It’s the 10th anniversary of the franchise and “Black Panther” and “Infinity War” will show people if they’re ready for the next stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.