Jigsaw review

Jigsaw review

In 2010, “Saw 3D” was released in theaters and it was supposed to be the end of the Saw franchise. Now, seven years later, “Jigsaw” was released and the series continued. The main goal of the film was to relaunch the franchise into the goliath the movies once were.

The overall plot of the movie is that a decade after the original Saw killings, there are what seems to be copycat murders. Detective Halloran has taken up the case and is determined to find the new Jigsaw Killer.

The theatric poster for Jigsaw

This weekend, I went to see the movie. Walking in, I had astronomically low expectations. Multiple trailers that were terrible and a really bad marketing campaign only made me dread how bad this movie was going to be. As the trailers came to an end, I sat there, waiting for the movie to prove me wrong. It didn’t.

There are many times where a movie knows truly how dumb it is and plays off of that idiocy and uses it to it’s advantage. The actors? Hilariously bad. The story? Actually kind of entertaining. The movie knew what it should have been and it almost perfected the formula of stupidity.

In technical terms, the film is really bad. The story doesn’t make much sense, the characters had almost no arc, and the acting was just bad. The lead actor, Matt Passmore, plays Logan. Logan’s character is very thin and his motivations aren’t too clear. The other lead is Callum Keith Rennie. His character truly is the stereotypical detective, his writing falls flat and his character doesn’t stand out.

Overall, while the movie has an intriguing story, it doesn’t reach it’s full potential due to laughable dialogue and bad acting. Hopefully the next entry in the Saw franchise turns it around.