Trailers are ruining our movie experiences


This used to give me anticipation, now it gives me a mixed feeling

Movie trailers have become their own art form in media. Trailers for a long time have been something that has given us hope for whatever movie was coming out next. But lately, this has been the total opposite.

Nowadays, they’ve decreased our excitement for a movie by either spoiling the movie, being over-edited, or just lying about what the actual plot of of the movie is. This has been going on for the past decade and it has only gotten worse.

My largest complaint is that most of the movie is given away before we even watch the movie itself. Any type of unexpected plot point or twist can be spoiled in the preview, leaving nothing to be surprised by when the movie is finally out.

One example of this is the character Vision being shown in the The Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer at the very end when his appearance would have been more powerful being seen for the first time in the movie.

How can we possibly enjoy our theater experiences if we already know what’s going to happen?

Another issue is the pacing of the trailer and its’ structure. Often times, they are jumbled up or confusing to watch and it leaves us unsure of what we saw. Like using an overused pop song instead of score music, being flashy and fast for the sake of it, and just having no idea what is happening or if you should care.

The last and the worst thing that any trailer can do is just straight up lie to you about what the plot of the movie is about. Studios hype up their movie to such a high level that they make you think you are going to see something grand, epic, or dramatic when in reality, you just get a bore of a movie.

Examples of this can be seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness when the main villain turned out to be the villain of the original series, Khan, and the whole movie turned into a copy of Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan (1982); and Batman V Superman marketing made the movie look like it was just about the fight between Batman and Superman, but when the film premiered they only very fought once for ten minutes in a three hour movie.

I sincerely hope the movie industry remembers the true purpose of a trailer and stops ruining the movie.