“Stranger Things” Has Fans Wanting More

Stranger Things


“Stranger Things”

Netflix’s new drama featuring a group of kids searching for their missing friends has captivated a variety of audiences with its thrilling story line. With twists and turns and every moment leaving fans in need of an answer, “Stranger Things” will not disappoint any viewer with its first season.

“Stranger Things” shows multiple plot lines that include different characters, all striving toward the same goal, which is to save Will Byers. The viewer knows this, but not the characters, creating a feel of dramatic irony. The different groups all have their advantages over one another whether it be a girl with powers or the ability to communicate with the missing.

The first group is a group of Will Byer’s best friends who believe they can find him because they know him the best. The second group mainly features a mom who will do anything to bring back her child. The third group features a cop who puts his life into this mission, mainly because of his past that is still haunting him.

The story is set in the 80’s and includes Easter eggs from that time. Viewers growing up from that time experience a trip down memory lane, and are introduced to a new level of enjoyment while watching the show. Viewers may re-watch an episode as many times as they desire, and always find something new.

“Stranger Things” perfectly combines the elements of child-like humor with the seriousness and drama that may be present in a show like this. Where some scenes may leave a viewer laughing and in a good mood, some may leave the viewer frightened and nervous for what may prevail in the following scenes.

As for the next season, the creators of the show have put out clues to give the fans hints, or to get them excited. One of these includes a video that has been released, showing the episode names for the following season. Some of these may hint about new cast members and characters in the show including “Madmax” and “The Lost Brother”.

Nathan Yillick is a freshman and gave a heads up about the show.

“Every episode ended in a cliff hanger,” he states.

Freshman Cameron Wade is a huge fan of the show as well.

“It was a masterpiece, and truly a staple of our generation,” he stated.

In the season finale of the show, many questions are left unanswered causing fans to create their own theories regarding what will happen next in season two. All fans have their different ideas or predictions of what will happen in the next season, but can all agree that it will exceed their expectations.