“Wonder Woman” brings new life to the DC superhero genre

Wonder Woman brings new life to the DC superhero genre

Saying that the previous DC movies were received poorly by the majority is an understatement. Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad – while all three made a lot of money, all were received poorly by critics and most audiences. From what it seems, the main criticism that was given to all three films was the lack of heart present. Many of our classic heroes have had little to almost no humanity or any type of genuine emotional moments that actually stayed with most audiences. That is until Wonder Woman came out this summer and managed to get this franchise back on track.

The Photo of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and the soldiers that was first seen in Batman V Superman

This is finally what we all wanted out of a DC movie since this cinematic universe started. The film managed to be fun summer movie, but it was also so much more. Almost everything about this movie was perfect in every way.

Gal Gadot absolutely nails it as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince. She truly represents the hero we all wish we could be and the kindness we’re capable of.  The supporting cast was also excellent and really sold us with their characters. Chris Pine especially was a stand out and offers some great comedic relief. The film also does have pretty great and inspiring story about Empathy and Heroism. The script actually made sense and did not feel like Pandering or pretentious like the last two DC movies in this universe.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The film making in this was not only phenomenal, but elevating for a superhero movie this day and age. The cinematography was outstanding and extremely colorful. The directing from Patty Jenkins was terrific as she managed to both understand the look and feel of the time period in World War I. The score of the movie was astonishing. It felt beautiful, genuine, and was epic when it needed to be.

This movie finally got the DC Cinematic Universe right back on track with critics and fans alike. It was a truly great experience with this fun, light-heated but at the same time moving film, with complex characters, good messages and amazing action. Thanks to the fans and the positive reception, it gained over $820 million worldwide. Hopefully this starts a new golden age for the DC Cinematic Universe.