“Famous in Love” review

Hollywood drama at it’s most dull.


The Cast of Freeform’s new teen drama, “Famous in Love”

“Famous in Love” is yet another foray into the valley of young adult novel adapted into a teen drama, and- like all the others – fails to deliver in almost every way. It also airs on Freeform; a fact that is most likely not very surprising considering the previous sentence.

The show centers around Paige Townsen, portrayed by the abysmal Bella Thorne, as she manages to get a role in a Hollywood blockbuster during her time in College. While the idea of having to deal with the sudden increase of fame associated with movie stardom might be fun to explore in a university setting, “Famous in Love” almost goes out of its way to ignore this draw. Instead, the show decides to focus on some poorly written drama between Thorne’s character and the other actress up for her part. It is incredibly boring.

However, one aspect that I did find myself enjoying while watching “Famous in Love,” happened to be the almost unintentional satire of the movie Thorne’s character staring in. The film is called “Locked,” and is based on a book series that seems eerily similar to movies like “Blue Lagoon” or “Blue Lagoon: the Awakening.” While subtle, seemingly unintended parody may not be the strongest argument for watching “Famous in Love,” I can not help but recommend it for that reason alone.

Suffice it to say, Bella Thorne continues to disappoint with her lackluster performances, the supporting cast lacks any charisma or acting prowess, the writing is utterly confused, and the drama is nowhere near relatable. If the prospect of watching a version of “Hannah Montana” without any of the funny high school moments seems intriguing to you in any way, then check out “Famous in Love.” If you find yourself unable to relate to people complaining about their success, then you should probably run fast, and run far.