Ghost in the Shell review

Ghost in the Shell review

The movie “Ghost in the Shell” is an action SciFi movie based off of the Japanese anime. The movie made 19 million dollars opening weekend, which is terrible for a studio tent-pole movie, and currently has a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. I personally think it deserves the horrible rating.

The plot itself is dull and there’s character development, but not enough for watchers to get emotionally attached to the characters when something happens to them. The movie tried to pack a 26 episode series into a two hour movie, which ended up to be a movie that moved too fast and didn’t take their time.

The plot of the movie is about a girl named Major who is turned into the first cyborg with a functioning human brain, and the company who made her, “Hanka,” wants to use her as a weapon. However, they fail to realize she is still a person inside, thus the title “Ghost In The Shell.” And even though the movie came from a series, the movie failed to tell the story in a way that makes the audience feel connected with it, and the cast didn’t help with that either.

The cast is also lack luster. They chose unknown actors that did not compel people to see the movie, except for the protagonist Scarlett Johansson.

The action in the movie was kind of bland and none of it really stands out to be remembered. The only part that seems to be an okay fight scene was at the end of the movie.

I would only recommend this movie to people who have seen the original series, otherwise you will be confused and disappointed like me.