Santa Clarita Diet Review

Drew Barrymore stars in this Netflix original as a zombie – one driven completely by impulse.

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Santa Clarita Diet premiered on Netflix with ten episodes on February 3rd, 2017, starring Drew Barrymore as Sheila and Timothy Olyphant as her husband, Joel.

After the smashing success of Stranger Things, Netflix’s originals have a lot to live up to. That said, this show isn’t the second coming. It’s still rather good – though definitely in a different vein than the recent Netflix hit.

However, if you dislike vomit, you won’t make it six minutes into the first episode. Actually, if fake blood, guts, or vomit make you uncomfortable, you should probably avoid even the trailers.

In comparison with another zombie show, The Walking Dead, this show takes on a more humorous approach.

Saeed Adyani / Netflix
Santa Clarita Diet

It’s not a traditional zombie show, per se. Sheila remains herself, and she doesn’t call out for brains every few minutes; rather, she eats raw meat at first (as shown in this scene to the right), eventually moving to human flesh.  It doesn’t show the rapid transition many zombie shows employ – instead,  there is slow deterioration and she gradually becomes more aggressive.

Santa Clarita Diet’s zombies also show a distinct difference from regular humans – they are completely driven by their id, which leads to more than a few problems in their household.

If you choose to watch this show (which, yes, you should), it’s best to do it alone… wearing headphones… preferably not on a big screen due to the mature content.