Cell phones, a potential harmful addiction


*DING DING* Your phone goes off, what do you do? Do you ignore it or do you have the sudden urge to check it. Most people cant put down their phones and hold a simple conversation. Over the years, this addicting distraction has caused danger to everyone. Smartphones are potentially dangerous even if they look small and harmless.

at least 23% car accidents involve cell phone use
Representation posted by Edgar Sydner of how many accidents are caused by texting and driving.

Smartphones have caused over 1.3 million car accidents each year, stated by the National Safety Council. 1 in every 4 car accidents are caused by texting and driving. This scary statistic shows how unaware everyone is about the dangerous distractions phones can cause.

Its sad to say that many people do not know how to be social because they are so absorbed in whats going on over social media. Social media plays a big role in people being antisocial or socially awkward.

When you are out, what do you see? Are people talking or texting? The majority of the time, people have their eyes glued to their cellphones, teens especially.

Cellphones can cause anxiety in the class room also. Students might be nervous or afraid of face-to-face conversations. Students are said to be using technology as a replacement for real life interactions.

Image result for social media distraction
A statistic posted by Rachel Tran about how often people use their phones.

Teens are constantly on social media networks such as twitter, snapchat and instagram and can’t get enough of it. Your education is being disrupted when you pick up the phone to check your notifications and causes students to miss important information or not understand what to do when given work.

I believe that phones are a huge distraction in the world today. They are an addicting piece of technology and are overly used. So turn off your phone and start living life right.

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