Do teachers give out more homework than needed?

Some students feel that teachers give homework as punishment, or a form of discipline, but teachers feel homework is an essential part of learning; but the question remains, do teachers give out more homework than needed?

Homework can be stressful, long, tiring, and challenging. With these factors all in play, students tend to procrastinate and sometimes never get the work done. Some students would even rather sit on their phone and wait until the last minute rather than doing it right from the start.

Along with that, homework can also take a backseat to other aspects of an average teenage day such as: sports, extra-curricular activities, work, family time, friend time, etc… Although teachers say their homework will “only take an hour” to complete, adding in the fact that students have multiple classes, eventually the time compiles and overwhelms the student.

Homework ends up creating stress and anxiety as students try to rush through it. This in turn makes the homework useless because the students do not actually learn anything when they are rushing through it.

When students get home from school, they do not want more work after a 6 hour school day. Ultimately, teachers should be able to fit all of their lessons in during the school week, without adding homework into the mix.

One student at Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) opened up about the stress of homework they deal with.

“I already have anxiety that I have to take care of with medicine and therapy. Homework does not help with that, [and] for me, it makes it worse,” said a junior at WRHS.