“Almost Christmas” Movie Review

The recent film Almost Christmas was a heartwarming holiday film, but the execution of the movie was not well-thought out. The film is entertaining, but should not be expected to win an Oscar.

From the trailers, the audience sees the main character, who is played by Danny Glover, enjoying Christmas every year with his wife and their kids, but sadly, the year before the film takes place, his wife dies. The family is upset and tensions arise as they join together again for Christmas.

The movie did not have much of a plot or conflict, apart from the minor arguments and disagreements between a few of the characters. The characters were interesting, but not unlike anyone that you could see in any other film.

Even with a lacking plot and serious themes like drugs and marriage, the movie had entertaining factors, including a funny family scandal that left viewers shocked, and humorous dialogue throughout the film.

Despite unoriginal plots, the characters were well-acted and the movie was heartwarming as the problems were resolved. The sad moments were sparse, and were performed well.

Since there were multiple story lines throughout, some transitions between separate different stories were awkward. The movie would go through a very exciting or dramatic moment with no clear end to the scene, then cut to an unrelated story line, leaving the audience confused.

Overall, movie critics were not impressed with this film. The well-known critic website “Rotten Tomatoes” had seen better, and gave the movie a 48% rating.

According to other Rotten Tomatoes reviews on Christmas movies, Almost Christmas is unlikely to become a classic, like Elf (which received an 84%) or The Santa Clause (which received a 75%).

The most common complaint connecting most of the reviews on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, Variety, and the New York Times, was the lack of originality.

Almost Christmas is an entertaining movie that features interesting yet unoriginal characters, but lacks the creativity and distinction from any other home-for-the-holidays movie.