Is The Walking Dead living up to the noise it is making?



The Walking Dead views compared to past season’s as well as other TV shows.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is a couple of episode’s in and its viewers are still on the edge, every passing episode.

Since the first episode, it has been different, as Rick said “I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is.”

Negan is the big bad villan that “The Walking Dead” has been missing for the past couple of seasons. This new villain strikes fear into the characters on the show as well as the viewers at home.

Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) freshman Alec Gossage expresses his feelings towards Negan.

“I cannot be the only one who gets annoyed by his presence. He shows up on screen and he just puts me in a bad mood.”

So far, the show has brought something different compared to other seasons as Rick and the crew are forced to obey Negan’s orders. The crew is always careful with everything they do as they can suffer the consequences if Negan is not happy with what they have done. Negan uses Daryl as a “pet,” just to show the others the power he has.

This season’s views have been going down since the first episode. Many people watched the season opener episode because of all the talk about who was going to die.

Freshman Kellan Rivera was one of those decisively-indecisive watchers.

“People asked me if I watched the show, and I don’t, but since the first episode was so hyped up by my friends, I decided to watch it,” said Rivera.

Whether you watch the show consistently or you just have seen some past seasons, you know that the first episode of every new season draws a bigger crowd than the episodes that follow.