A fairytale from a different POV: ‘Godmothered’

The traditional fairytale revolves around a beautiful princess, but this story focuses on the lady who does all the magic, the fairy godmother.



“Godmothered” is a modern twist on a fairytale from a different point of view.

As a teenage girl myself, I remember watching princess movies, wishing I could have my own fairy godmother. Disney Plus released a magical story earlier this month about a joyful, determined young godmother in-training, Eleanor. An eternal optimist, her life’s ambition is to help other’s find their happily ever after.

With the motherland in danger of shutting down, Eleanor manages to find the last letter in the assignment room for a child that needs her help finding happily ever after. However, during her mission, she discovers that happily ever after may not be as easy as her godmothering classes have led her to believe.

Not to spoil the movie, that is all the magic I can share, but I am going to spill my opinion on this twist of a fairytale. Despite it’s general cheesiness, Disney still manages to share a positive message about life.

“Godmothered” is now streaming on Disney+. (Disney+)

“Godmothered” helps young teens and kids understand that despite hurdles and challenges, you can still find your happily ever after- but that doesn’t necessarily mean a prince in shining armor. Happiness can come in many forms, including family and friends.

“I loved the message about believing in ourselves and that love can be found everywhere,” junior Andrea Burchard said about the movie.

The majority of the movie takes place in the busy city of Boston in the present day, which brings in a modern flare missing in original fairytales. This movie almost reminded me of “Enchanted”, a movie where a fairytale collides with the real world.

Jillian Bell did an amazing job at capturing Eleanor’s personality and so did Isla Fisher who played Mackenzie Walsh. If you enjoy watching Hallmark movies or Netflix Originals that are geared toward families, this movie falls right into that category.

This movie accomplished exactly what it was trying to do: entertain and help viewers remember that happily ever after can be different for everyone.

Never think your own fairytale is over.

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