Review: Black Ops Cold War

The new COD game brings a new atmosphere taking place during the Cold War

Call of Duty

The new COD game brings a new atmosphere taking place during the Cold War

The much anticipated Black Ops series is back in stores with the release of “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. The hype for the new game has been building ever so slightly for months since the first set of announcements, and the fans are ready for a new round of gameplay.

New game lets you experiences all sides of the conflict (Call of Duty)

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” highlights three methods of play: a heart-beating Multiplayer mode, an energizing new story in the famous Zombies mode, and a mind blowing single-player Campaign, all wrapped into one experience.

With all these anticipated aspects, “COD” also offers accessible cross-play and cross-movement tied to the Multiplayer and Zombies modes. Players can rival/challenge their companions while acquiring the lofty title of Prestige Master each season, regardless of which console players play on.

Although the feedback has been mixed amongst the community, one thing all the players seem to agree on is the smooth sailing of the new Zombies mode. Making sure that the Zombie portion of the game lived up to its legacy, the creative side of the developers emerged and the results are impressive.

The game mode that attracts the most attention, Multiplayer, has been under the microscope by many as of recent. With the mixed reaction amongst the community, with the returning players from the early days of Black Ops enjoying the update while the newer generation of gamers unimpressed with the inconsistency of the gameplay.

The last of the modes, Campaign, has also received positive feedback from the gamer community. Although not much has changed in this mode, it has enough account shocks and trial arrangements to fulfill the Black Ops set of experiences with twisty, conspiratorial narrating.

In a general aspect, this year’s game has many things to work on, but is a step in the right direction for COD.

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