Sony revamps PS4 with update



Sony implements new update that brings variety of changes.

With the new generation console release just a couple weeks away, companies like Sony prepare for a long and exciting journey. The new console is set to release on the Nov 12, a few weeks before its competitor Xbox which is fabricated by Microsoft. The anticipated release has left everyone in a scramble to pre-order the consoles as the demand is at an all time high.

With all this excitement in place, Sony has thrown a curveball with this unexpected update, going under the radar of many of the PS4 gamers. With the introduction of the 8.00 update launching globally some changes were put in action. These changes to the system in the current models involve the changing of Party and Message features, new avatars, updated parental controls and many more.

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Following the unexpected update, the Party and Messages will be more tightly associated, these changes can be seen on the User Interface. With these changes both of the apps including the Party and Messages will include the same ‘Groups’ of gamers for message exchanges and party chats.

This change comes from the stemming issue that the menu was confusing, yet most gamers believe Sony is trying to crack down on cyber-bullying as it has been a major issue in the past few years. Players are greeted with a message that they must agree to having their voice chats recorded. Many have been left disappointed as it is an utter disrespect to privacy, players will be held accountable for actions that breach the terms of service being met with bans up to two weeks.

“It is a disgrace to the gaming community, party chats shouldn’t be recorded,” Senior Manny Silvera said.

Although the main focus may be on the new chat monitoring, the introduction of new avatars is also present in the new 8.00 update. Sony expands their already large set as more variety was asked from the players themselves. Avatars from peoples favorite games will be available including the likes of Journey, God of War, Bloodborne. Everyday gamers will be allowed to change their avatars and show them off on their Profiles.

A variety of new avatars are introduced allowing for plenty of choices

Changes from the update also made Parental Controls more flexible and easier to navigate. With the changes it offers a simpler setting that can make it easier not only for parents but also young kids playing online. Kids will be able to send requests to their own parents to use communication features like game chat in the desired games they want to play. This makes things easier on parents as they receive an email, allowing them to rightfully decline the request to play a game that is for a more mature audience.

Although the update may be unpopular with the majority of the PS4 gamers some people see the bright side to it.

“I think it is a great way to make the community less toxic and bring us together,” Senior Chris Chavez explained.

With the much anticipated release of the new consoles this update is a step in the right direction allowing for the Sony community to come together and build a healthy gaming relationship online. All these precautions will help reduce the toxic levels online.