The new Nissan Proto Z



The new Nissan Proto Z, the latest in the Nissan sport car line up.

On Sept 15, Japanese car company Nissan announced the next vehicle in their line of sports cars, the “Z Proto“. The vehicle features a twin turbo 3.0 Liter V6 engine, which is already used in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport 400, a unexpected manual transmission and a sleek design nodding back to the car’s early models, which head designer of Nissan Alfonso Albaisa described as, not retro but “…more of an homage” when speaking on the car’s outer build.

The interior features a black compact design, which leads me to believe this will be a performance over comfort design, however chief product specialist, Tamura Hiroshi, told Car and Driver “the emotional aspects—driving feel, sound, and styling—are more important than objective performance here,” which gives mixed signals on the real focus of the car and we can expect when it’s fully released to the public.

The above shot features the interior, which may be subject to change depending on the purchased model of the vehicle. (Nissan)

The original design shown in the presentation only seems to present one color and model for the prototype, along with only manual transmission, however it is safe to assume more options for those aspects will come out with the car’s full release. Including an automatic transmission, which is rumored to be even faster than its manual counterpart, appealing to both the average Joe and car enthusiasts.

Along with other things, the car does not have a set price yet, however due to its engine and design it would be safe to assume it will be more than it’s past model, the Nissan 370Z which starts at $30,090, and slightly less or close to it’s main competitor the Toyota Supra Mk5, priced at $54,490.

I believe the car is something very needed for the car community, there has been a lack of this type of vehicle lately and Nissan is showing great response to the demands of its customers.