Microsoft launches Xbox Series X and Series S



The soon to be released Xbox Series X and S.

It has been almost seven years since Microsofts Xbox One first released in North America and the extremely successful console has started to show its age in recent years. This year, Xbox announced to release not one, but two new consoles: Xbox Series X and S.  These “next-gen consoles” could lead to a big change in the gaming future.

The new Xbox Series X is larger, but more powerful than ever. (Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X is going to start at $499 and will be released on November 10. It boasts some amazing specs and is substantially more powerful than the current Xbox One. Microsoft brags that it will be able to run games at 60 fps and offer full time 4K resolution.

Many people have complained or made jokes about the size of the Xbox Series X, due to it being double the size of the Xbox Series S. A few cool features Microsoft also included in the announcement are backwards compatibility through Xbox 360 and One games, Xbox One controllers will work with the Series X, and one TB of storage with 16 GB of ram.

The more affordable Xbox Series S will start at $299 and will also release on November 10th. The specs are impressive but not as great as the series X. It will run games at 60fps but only offer 1440p of resolution. However, the specs are quite a bit better than the current Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The cheaper, smaller, but less powerful Xbox Series S has sleek good looks. (Microsoft)

The Series S is known to be more attractive than the X, because it is smaller, lighter, and offers a similar appearance to the Xbox One. The semi-exposed fan on the side is also futuristic looking with its two-tone color. Similar to the Series X, the Series S will be backwards compatible, and come with 512 GB of storage.

I think both consoles will be a much needed refresh to the console community. Personally, if I had the funds, I would get the Series X due to the amazing specs and storage. Both Series X and S are already sold out on the Microsoft website, so getting them on the release date will be hard. I will be sticking with my Xbox One for the next few years, but if you had to choose, would it be the Xbox Series X or S?

Do you think that the Xbox Series X and S will live up to their expectations?

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