Gretel & Hansel movie review


Bella Rey

This is a depiction of the witch luring Gretel and Hansel in.

Gretel and Hansel, a pg-13 horror movie released on January 31, came out to mixed reviews despite brilliant cinematography and solid acting; currently scoring a 63% on rotten tomatoes from critics and a 28% from audiences. The film is based off a very popular German folklor, Hansel and Gretel, by the Grimm Brothers, made around 1812. The movie is directed by Oz Perkins, who also happens to be the director of Legally Blonde as well. 

The trailer shows bits and pieces of some peculiar and frightening things. It depicts the story of a young girl named Gretel, leading her little brother, Hansel, into a mysterious forest with death-defying evils, desperately searching for food when they find the witch’s mysterious cabin and try to survive.

Gretel and Hansel was filmed in Dublin, Ireland which was the perfect setting for the eerie film. The children, Gretel and Hansel, traveled through the forest mainly during the night and the dimly lit scenes really enhanced the mood and added to the suspense of the film.

Written by Rob Hayes, a very experienced writer and producer, the movie’s story line exceeded many expectations. Hayes has previously written for the TV shows Chewing Gum, and The Stephen K. Amos Show. The actors bring Hayes’ words to life on the screen and depicted their roles well.

Addie Vought
The movie tickets from the movie Gretel and Hansel.

Sophia Lillis, 18, who plays Gretel, succeeded in her role. Lillis portrayed 16-year-old Gretel as a strong, persistent, brave girl trying to make a life for her and her brother alone in the eerie woods. Many may recognize Lillis as Beverly Marsh, in It and It: Chapter Two, as well as from the TV shows Sharp Objects, and I Am Not Okay with This. As a developing character in Gretel and Hansel, Lillis was a perfect match for this role. 

Samuel Leakey, who played Hansel, the 8-year-old little brother of Gretel, depicted his character as a curious, adventurous, little boy, striving with ambition. 

Alice Krige, 65, who plays Helda (the witch), portrayed her role outstandingly. Krige dove into her role and made each scene more intense. Without Krige as the witch, Gretel and Hansel would not have been as much of a thrill to watch.

Despite some mixed reviews, Gretel and Hansel showed a new perspective on the classic Grimm Brothers’ tale with great writing, acting, and cinematography.