The last Wii game?

Just Dance 2020 will likely be the last Wii game ever.



This is one of the covers for Just Dance 2020.

It’s been 13 years since the Wii console was released in 2006, and it may have drawn its final breath this year. The last game probably ever coming to the Wii is Just Dance 2020. Could this be the last we ever see of the Wii?

This is an image from Wii Sports, players playing one of the sports, Tennis.

Nintendo had fully retired the production of the Wii consoles in 2013. Even though the production stopped, many people still have the Wii and games continued to come out. There has been at least 1242 games that have come out for the console; the most popular Wii games being Wii Sports selling 76.76 million copies, Mario Kart with 31.91 million, and Wii Sports Resort with 29.87 million and more.

Nintendo also shut down the Wii Chanel shop on January 30, 2019, marking the end of an era for the service that first came online for Wii consoles in December 2006.  It wouldn’t allow re-downloads from previously purchased Wii and Virtual Console games or the Wii System Transfer Tool to move files to the Wii U.

The only Wii games that have been released in last couple years have been the Just Dance series from Ubisoft and Ubisoft has confirmed that Just Dance 2020 – which released on November 5th, 2019 – will be the last game it releases on Nintendo’s Wii home console system.

Though there was still been no words from any other publisher or Nintendo, it seems likely this is the end for Wii gaming consoles.