Season Premiere of “The Walking Dead” Leaves Fans in a Pool of Tears



Negan with his bat “Lucile”

The seventh season of television’s number one show, “The Walking Dead” aired its first episode of the season on October 23rd. Every devoted fan of “The Walking Dead” was left speechless due to two beloved characters being lost in quick succession.

The atmosphere in the episode was intense as suspense grew every second. Everyone was waiting for the moment the victim would be revealed. Their fate was going to be a brutal end as they took a bashing from the villain, Negan, and his bat “Lucille.”

Freshman Ethan Stinson could not take the pressure of the show.

“I was glued to my tv screen. I was not ready to see who would die,” said Stinson.

After a very intimidating “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” it was shown who would find themselves at the end of Negan’s bat; Abraham. He took a hard hit, and like the humorous guy he is said replied back to Negan with a witty comment while blood flowed down his head. He was beaten until only a portion of his head was left, surrounded by a pool of blood.

Freshman Niccolo Bressler shares his feelings towards Abraham.

“I liked him as a character, he was not my favorite but I did not expect his death to be so sad,” told Bressler.

It was expected that one character would die, but then another person was lost due to Daryl’s  temper, punching Negan. Glenn, who was one of the characters that had been on the show since season one, had the same fate as Abraham.

After the death of both characters, Negan took Rick into his RV for a ride that shook the leader of the group like we have never seen before.

Afterwards, Negan tried to force Rick to cut off his own son, Carl’s, arm with an axe. This took Rick to the breaking point, where he was sobbing, trying to speak but could not utter a word. Rick was about to give in, but then Negan intervened, stopping him. Negan only wanted to break Rick, and he succeeded.

The season premiere took fans to the edge and left them sobbing. The next episodes will never be the same without Glenn and Abraham. Fans should prepare themselves for the upcoming episodes, as many shocking moments may occur.