Wiregrass boys basketball defeated by Wharton Wildcats


Hans Elmeus

The Bulls take the court ready to take on Wharton.

Wiregrass boys basketball (2-3) fell to Wharton (3-0) with a final score of 64-41 on Wednesday night.

Jacob McCaslin led the way for the Bulls with nine points and seven rebounds. The Bulls already knew what they were getting into when playing the reigning district champions.

Senior Forward Jacob McCaslin being physical and shooting a layup

“Well we already knew a lot about them because we’ve played with some of their key players, but our coaches also scouted them the week before and we practiced defenses to counter their offense,” McCaslin explained.

Wiregrass and Wharton were going blow for blow in the first quarter, with Wiregrass only down by seven at the close. As the game progressed, Wiregrass found themselves down by nine at halftime. Senior Frank Pena had an electrifying first half performance hitting three of his first four three-pointers, keeping the Bulls close.

Wiregrass came out of the locker room at halftime scoring a couple quick buckets, but Wharton outscored Wiregrass in the third quarter 18-13. Daniel Disalvo provided a spark off the bench scoring two big baskets with two minutes left in the third quarter. Disalvo playing a new sixth man role really made his teammates proud. Senior captain Brian Parker was happy with Disalvo’s performance.

Junior guard Daniel Disalvo walking on to the court after being subbed in.

“Despite him being in a new role, Daniel came out with great intensity,” Parker explained. “He played really hard and it was certain he wanted to win. He made strong cuts and he was aggressive towards the basketball.”

In the fourth quarter, Wharton ran off with the lead, outscoring Wiregrass 18-9.

Senior guard Lucas Pelt injured his wrist in the fourth quarter of the game, limiting his shooting ability.

“It sucked knowing I couldn’t help them out, but I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m back,” Pelt said. “I just have to do my best supporting them because that’s really all I can do at the moment.”

The Bulls take on Mitchell High School this Friday, December 6th.