“Countdown” movie review

From a knock-off app to the box office, is “Countdown” still worth the hype?


Heaven of Horror

This is one of the movie posters for “Countdown”.

I was excited to see the movie Countdown after the popular knock-off app went viral. After hearing people talk about this app and how it was based off of the concept of the movie, it raised my expectations slightly, but that might’ve been my first mistake.

The overall plot of the movie focused on Quinn, a nurse who downloads this “Countdown” app. The app claims to predict a persons exact death date and time, down to the last second. After all of the hype, Quinn downloads the app and is only given three days to live. With the clock ticking away and time working against her, she must find a way to save her life and the lives of others using the app, before time runs out.

My expectations walking into the movie were about average. I wasn’t expecting it to be the greatest movie ever, but I also wasn’t expecting it to be the worst. After seeing the trailer, it looked good; but I still was unsure of what was to come. While looking up movie times and other things regarding the movie, I came across the movie length. It stated that it was 90 minutes, which is about the average length for a horror movie; but playing, it was a slow 90 minutes.

This is the official movie poster for “Countdown”.

The PG-13 rated movie had a great story line, but the jump scares were predictable and unoriginal. Sitting in the movie theater, I knew almost every time each scare was going to happen, which in a so called “horror” movie, is kind of annoying. Even though the scares were predictable, the suspense factor was kept throughout the movie.

The ending? Definitely the worst part. I’ve seen that ending about a thousand times, making me believe it was stolen from multiple other movies. In all honesty, I was hoping that the ending would be good enough to make up for the rest of the movie, but I was sadly disappointed, yet again.

Aside from the plot, the actors did a great job portraying their roles. Normally, when there is a bad plot, bad acting follows, but this wasn’t the case in Countdown. When a “scary” scene came on, the actors looked terrified. They added a lot of emotion into each scene, which helped make the movie a little better.

After the post credits, a teaser sequel played, making it seem like the app is back, “Countdown 2.0”. I am very curious to see what will happen if the producers decide to make this into a second movie.

Ultimately, “Countdown” didn’t reach its full potential because of predictable scares, due to a bad script, and a bad ending, but it was still an okay movie. I am optimistic that the next part to this possible sequel will be better.